#stopfinning : An ocean lover’s appeal to help end shark finning in Europe

An ocean loving filmmaker and photographer is reaching out to the community to help end the shark fin trade in Europe. Learn how you can get involved.

Each year an estimated 73 million sharks die due to a cruel and unsustainable fishing practice known as “finning”. The exact numbers remain speculative and could be much higher as there is a lack of reliable data and the worldwide number of unreported cases of illegal fishing is extremely high.

Finning occurs upon the high seas, traditionally more selectively, but increasingly witnessed as part of the “unwanted by-catch” of tuna and swordfish fishing. Immediately after catching the sharks all the fins are cut off and the remaining carcasses thrown back into the sea. During this mutilation, the animals are usually fully conscious and  no longer able to swim which makes them sink to the seabed where they bleed to death or suffocate.

Photo by Riza Azhari | Gettys Images

The exact numbers could be much higher as there is a lack of reliable data and the global number of unreported cases of illegal fishing is disturbingly high.

Whilst there are short term profits to be made, unsustainable fishing practices have far reaching effects that go beyond the mere brutality of the practice.

The successful replenishment of these species is crucial to preserving balance and health within the marine environment, impacting other species- including ourselves.

Furthermore, studies have found that the protection of these incredible species can play a key role in ‘ecotoursim’, bringing more reliable income to local communities in the long term.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

In order to ban the trade of fins in the European Union a total of at least one million signatures must be collected from citizens and residents across at least 1/4 of the member states. Currently there are signatures from over 170,000 people spread across 7 EU states.

The volunteers at NGO STOP FINNING are working hard to raise awareness and get the signatures needed. However, movement has limited the activists’ community outreach efforts; with the cancellation of many critical social events.

A German photographer and videographer Pav Sinitsin is now lending his skills to help the organisation to reach the goal of banning the shark fin trade in Europe, by making a short documentary about the problem we call ‘’Finning’’.

Currently living in Valencia, Spain, the water sports and ocean lover has much of the gear and is filming/ producing the documentary for free. He is instead reaching out to likeminded folks and organisations who would like to support the documentary and the initiative.

If you’d like to support this initiative to end shark finning, you can do so in the three following ways:

1- Sign and share the petition to help reach the 1 million signatures needed and help ban finning in the EU.

2- Donate and get involved with the FINNING documentary to help raise awareness about the issue.

3- Like, save, comment and share Pav’s video via YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to learn more and help raise awareness.


KANARA was founded on the pillars of sportsmanship and stewardship. As riders and ocean lovers, we like to support positive actions from the water sports community that help to preserve our ‘playgrounds’.

If you have a positive initiative you’d like to highlight, feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.


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