This week we would like to introduce our community to one of our first amazing partners: the UK based social enterprise, Ocean Bottle. Each Ocean Bottle purchased directly funds the elimination of ocean pollution and poverty alleviation. Read more to learn about their ongoing efforts, our partnership and how you can get our member discount code.

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Our friends at Ocean Bottle are a UK based social enterprise that collect and convert ocean-bound plastic into reusable bottles that last a lifetime.

Each bottle sold funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic (roughly equivalent to 1000 single use plastic bottles!) from our precious oceans, seas and waterways.

1000 plastic bottles collected
exchange plastic for money
By collaborating with the Plastic Bank, Ocean Bottle are also enabling people living in coastal areas to earn higher wages from collecting plastic by giving up to 3x the market rate. Collectors can exchange plastic for money, healthcare, school tuition, tech products and even access to micro-finance services.
perfect carry-on bottle, not just for kitesurfers, but all outdoor and indoor activities
We will soon share information with our community about the COVID-19  relief fund that is being set up to assist these communities through this crisis. We are all facing the challenges of the disease, but do not forget that these coastal communities are also disproportionately affected by climate change with devastating effects from strong hurricanes and cyclones. These continue to occur.
perfect carry-on bottle, not just for kitesurfers, but all outdoor and indoor activities
Join the fight against plastic pollution, poverty and climate change! The good news is that by signing up to the KANARA community, you will receive an exclusive discount code to get your own sustainable Ocean Bottle and support these important causes! You will discover that this is the perfect carry-on bottle, not just for kitesurfers, but all outdoor and indoor activities.
Ocean Bottle Drink
Ocean Bottle sustainable initiative
Stay informed on the evolution of KANARA Kitesurfing. By the way, we want to let you know that we originally planned to release our unique Kitesurfing app on the 26th of April. However, to respect every bodies health and the safety regulations in place ,we will only launch the KANARA Kitesurfing app whenever the confinement measures are softened. By signing up now to our platform, you’ll still be able to take advantage of this discount and other special benefits from our partners!

If you want to collaborate with us, you are welcome to get in touch anytime via e-mail : hello@kanarakitesurfing.com to learn more about partnership opportunities.

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