KANARA Kitesurfing Tutorial: The Easy How-To App Guide

Get more out of your kitesurfing sessions and the KANARA Kitesurfing app. We have created an easy to use how-to app guide for our community of riders. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

We have created this easy to use how to guide. We want you to get the most out of your kitesurfing sessions and the KANARA Kitesurfing app. If you have any doubts or feedback, contact us at hello@kanarakitesurfing.com


Your Rider Profile

After downloading the KANARA Kitesurfing app from the Google Play or Apple App Store, open the App and select 'Let's Go'.

If you are a new user, select 'Register'. If you are a returning user, select 'Sign In'. If you have trouble logging in, select 'Forgot Password' and enter your recovery email.

Please be sure to use a valid recovery email to avoid being locked out and/ or losing your data.

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Update Your Rider Profile

Once you are logged in you will be taken to your Rider Profile screen.

All KANARA riders are given 1000 free points. We will discuss these later.

To update your rider info select the Profile Picture circle. Here, you will be able to add a profile picture, update your Rider details and more. To begin logging your session data, you will need to sync a device. See the yellow Sync Device button.

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Sync Your Smartwatch or Sports Tracker

After selecting the yellow 'Sync Device' button, you will be taken to the options screen.

At present, Garmin and Suunto users are able to use the app.

If you are a Garmin user, you will select the Garmin Connect icon and enter your Garmin Connect user details.

If you are a Suunto user, you will select the Suunto icon and enter your Suunto user details.

You can utilise a Garmin or Suunto smartwatch. If you do not have a smartwatch, it is possible to use the Suunto mobile app.


View Your Sessions

Once you are successfully synced, you will see your top session data from the last 2 months. Please note that the app will capture all your kitesurf and other water sports sessions (excluding motor assisted activities).

You will now see the yellow Sync Device button has changed to a 'My Sessions' button.

By selecting the 'My Sessions' button, you will be able to see a log of all your sessions.


From the 'My Sessions' screen, you will be able to see how many points you earned from each session.

You will also see your top stats from each session recorded. That way, you can keep track of your sessions and your progress over time.

Note: One of our members asked what to do if they upgrade their smartwatch. In the case that you are not changing brands, you only need to add the device in your Garmin Connect or Suunto profile.

If you are having trouble viewing your sessions, please let us know so that we can help.


Adding Friends and Requests

In the footer navigation bar, you select the 'Friends' icon to access the Friends section of the app.

By clicking the yellow floating '+' button, you will be able to search for friends by their name or email address.

By selecting the white magnifying glass icon in the Friends screen header, you can search your list of friends.

By selecting the Requests tab in the header, you can view received and sent pending Friend requests.


Using Your Points: Challenge Mode

Now that you have added some friends, you can use points earned from your kitesurfing and water sports sessions in Challenge Mode.

In the footer navigation bar, select the 'Challenges' icon. In the Challenges screen you will find sent and received pending, accepted and completed challenges.

By selecting the yellow floating crossed boards button you can create your own real world speed and distance challenges with your friends; near and across the globe.


Creating a Challenge

After selecting the yellow crossed boards icon, you will enter the New Challenge screen.

Select the empty Profile Picture to select a friend to challenge. Enter the number of points in play for the challenge, the challenge date and specify the challenge type (distance versus speed).

Once completed, select the Create Challenge button to send the Challenge request to your friend.


Pending Challenges

Once the challenge has been sent, you will see it in the Pending tab, alongside any other unaccepted challenges sent or received and are awaiting a response.

You and the challenging player can accept, decline and cancel a pending challenge request at any time.


Accepted Challenges

Once you accept a challenge, the session will move to the Accepted tab in the Challenges Screen.

On the day of the Challenge, you grab your session with your smartwatch/ sports tracker as you normally would.

Once you are done and have saved your session, return to the Accepted Challenges screen and select the yellow Submit button.

A bar will appear with the sessions options that are available to submit as your final results.


Completed Challenges

Once both riders have submitted their sessions, the winner will be automatically assigned.

The points put up by the losing rider will pass to the winner.

Both riders will be able to see each others results in the Completed tab on the Challenges screen.

Note: It is possible to conduct multiple challenges on the same day. So feel free to create challenges with your local buddies as well as fellow riders on the other side of the pond.


Share Your Results

Don't forget that you can share your challenge results with your mates!

Select the Share icon and don't forget to tag us @kanarakitesurfing to be featured!



By selecting the Rankings icon in the footer navigation bar, you will be able to see how you compare to other riders in the community.

Rankings are currently divided into Points, Top Speed and Top Distance.

We have put in certain safeguards. If something doesn't look right, let us know and we will be happy to investigate.

Always remember to ride responsibly and honestly.


Rewards and More

There is another way you can currently use the points earned during your sessions.

By selecting the Marketplace icon in the footer navigation bar, you will be taken to the community Marketplace.

Here you can buy and sell products and services at discounted rates by redeeming the points you have earned.

We reserve a portion of all profits from the Marketplace to be allocated to initiatives that are protecting the habitats and communities where we play.


New Features and Improvements

We are actively working on new features and improvements to the platform.

We invite you to complete the Rider Survey to give us your feedback. It is totally anonymous.

We were inspired by the community, sport and the environment in building the app. So your feedback is important.

Do you still have questions? Want to get involved? Feel free to contact us at hello@kanarakitesurfing.com and we are happy to chat.


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