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LISTEN: KANARA Kitesurfing with Onda Vasca and Sergio W. Smit: #1 Radio and Podcast Interview

KANARA Kitesurfing were invited to speak with Onda Vasca about kitesurf, the app, competition and the upcoming Formula Spain Kite Series Tarifa demo.

This weekend, KANARA was invited by Onda Vasca for a live interview to discuss the upcoming release of our kitesurfing and water sports app and using tech to enable competition and connection amongst athletes and fans in the times of COVID-19.

Speaking with co-hosts Sergio W. Smit and Edu Araujo, our co-founder and CEO Alejandro Latorre announced in the interview to Onda Vasca the successful integration of KANARA Kitesurfing with Garmin and Suunto. The integration means that with the alpha release of the app, kitesurfers and other water sports fans will be able to automatically sync, track and measure their activity on a unified platform.

Ale was joined by Sergio W. Smit, director CEO of the Formula Kite Spain Series, the SUP Talent Spain Series and the founder of Watersports Plastic Free, announcing the upcoming December demo in Tarifa.

Listen to the Podcast and Radio Interview with KANARA Kitesurfing

Noting the application of the KANARA app to different competitive formats, the December demo is an opportunity for athletes and fans to see the tech in action.

The kitesurf app is pending release for Android from the Google Play Store and iOS from the Apple App Store. The free app is also available upon request for download now. Sign up now to join the waiting list and learn more.

Lastly, the interview explores the ultimate challenge that the KANARA Kitesurfing team are seeking to address with the platform: the fight to protect our environment from continued degradation and support positive action in the kitesurfing and water sports community.

As Ale explained, KANARA users can redeem their points for rewards and discounts on kitesurfing gear, equipment and more. Whilst this is one way to support the development of the KANARA platform, it is one of the ways we are creating a separate fund for the support of sustainable groups and projects.

The interview is available in Castillian Spanish. Be sure subscribe, like, follow and share to keep up to date with the latest.


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