KANARA Kitesurfing App for Smartwatches and Smartphones KANARA Kitesurfing Mobile App Alpha Release

Track, Play and Win: KANARA Kitesurfing App Release Announced

Kitesurfers can now sync their smartwatch or smartphone to the KANARA Kitesurfing app. Track your sessions, connect and compete with other riders and earn points and rewards for performance.

It’s kind of crazy to think that it was just April, earlier this year, that we introduced the concept of the KANARA Kitesurfing tracking and challenge app. From the limited, initial beta release for Android, we are stoked to share that the alpha has been approved for release in the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS) – and it’s been well worth the wait.

In June, we released our beta- a simple version of our app. The KANARA Kitesurfing app is a free mobile app available on Android and iOS where kitesurfers, athletes and fans can turn their kitesurfing sessions into a game.

We were stoked to be joined by a group of super amazing, enthusiastic riders who helped us to field test the concept fresh out the gates from lockdown in Spain.

How It Works

Download the KANARA Kitesurfing app for Android or iOS and sync your kitesurf smartwatch or tracker. Our app gamifies sessions on the water, analyzing and assigning points based on your athletic performance. The more points you earn, the more you have to exchange for rewards such as special deals on kiteboarding gear and more!

You also can use the KANARA Kitesurfing app to connect with riders from all over the world and create your own player versus player personalized speed and distance challenges where the winner takes all the points!

Two male kitesurfers playing with a kitesurf app by KANARA kitesurfing

The Motive

When we decided to pursue this project, we were driven by a shared love for sport, community and the environment. In these changing times, we are focused on bringing more fun, healthy competition and collaboration to our fellow riders.

Developing the project was a challenge, but we have been overwhelmed by your support. We’re building this platform for riders like you and we invite you to join the community and help us to develop the ultimate app for kitesurfers and watersports lovers everywhere.


The app has already been approved for release in the Google Play Store and App Store. We have a team of awesome kiteboarders that are currently helping us to test our alpha.

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