FKSS 2020 Tarifa KANARA Challenge Winners Markus Edegran and Sofia Kotliar Copyright Toni Forques 2020

Formula Kite Spain Series 2020 Tarifa Concludes with Challenge Demo

The recently concluded Tarifa Foil Boards Formula Kite Spain Series 2020 Tarifa test featured over 50 of the worlds best foil racers and a surprise, technological challenge.

The FKSS KANARA Pro Challenge: A Long Journey Here

The road trip to and from the Tarifa Foil Boards Formula Kite Spain Series 2020 Tarifa event really drove home what we have been through in developing KANARA Kitesurfing: Uncertainty, drive, long and hard work, surprises and a lot of heart.

We went to Tarifa to promote the app, get feedback from athletes as to how to improve and further develop the app, and demonstrate one of the key functions of the KANARA Kitesurfing platform: competitive and event gamification.

When we began developing the app, we did much of it in the initial part of the Spanish lockdown. We knew that we wanted our platform to compliment and support events and competitions in the kiteboarding and water sports industry. With the sudden restrictions on movement, travel and social gatherings, we found ourselves instead behind screens, many far from family, friends and places that are important to us.

Luckily, we began connecting with and forming friendships with kiters, windsurfers, surfers, sailors and other outdoor sports enthusiasts from Hong Kong to Cape Town who could see the potential for a sports tracking app like our own being utilised for social and competitive purposes. They, like us, wanted a tool that could keep the community motivated, together and having fun.

It was when we were approached by Sergio W. Smit of the FKSS that we were offered our first opportunity to test our platform’s suitability to a major industry event and competition.

Markus Edegran Formula Kite Spain Series KANARA Challenge Results 2020 Tarifa
Sofia Kotliar Formula Kite Spain Series KANARA Challenge Results 2020 Tarifa

The Formula Kite Spain Series 2020 Tarifa KANARA Pro Challenge Results

The athletes who took part were matched based on their sex and classification to take part in a speed challenge- the kiteboarder that hit the highest max speed on the challenge date would win their match.

Of the winners, Markus Edegran and Sofia Kotliar were randomly selected to win a Garmin Instinct from KANARA Kitesurfing and Garmin Iberia.

The Russian representative Sofia Kotlyar is a professional hydrofoil, swimming and triathlon athlete. Residing in windy Tarifa, one of the top kite spots in the world and Spain, Sofia trains rigorously.

Sofia likes the fact that she can track her progress and compare her stats with her coach and other riders. Having studied IT, she also had a lot to share with our team in terms of development of the app, which was so awesome.

Representing for the USA, Markus Edegran said it was a fun experience, and recommended the inclusion of a neat metric to increase the competition. Having recently turned his attention to kiteboarding with his eyes on an Olympic debut, the Swedish American has been sailing and competing for most of his life.


Markus Edegran (USA) FKSS 2020 Tarifa /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS
Markus Edegran (USA) FKSS 2020 Tarifa /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS
Sofya Kotlyar (RUS) FKSS 2020 Tarifa /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS
Sofya Kotlyar (RUS) FKSS 2020 Tarifa /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS

Special thanks the FKSS for an incredible opportunity

The Tarifa Foil Boards Formula Kites Spain Series 2020 Tarifa event was the last of the Formula Kite Spain Series 2020 circuit. It is an impressive feat, particularly given what has happened this year with COVID-19, that the organisers and the athletes were able to successfully host the events. It was an honour, as a young project, to be invited to take part in such an elite event.

We want to specially thank the organisers of the FKSS for allowing us this incredible opportunity. Being able to be in the middle of a high level event and get to speak with and get honest, raw feedback and ideas from amateur and professional athletes in the sport has given us a lot to work with.

At the end of the day, we are building KANARA for the community, and whether it be hot fixes and troubleshooting, new feature and competition requests or hardware and software integrations, we welcome the feedback and insights.

We would also like to thank the following athletes who had registered and who had taken part in the KANARA challenge. To accept the challenge requires a level of trust we don’t take for granted, particularly as newcomers to the industry. We look forward to 2021 and wish everyone the best. Stay in touch.

KANARA Challenge Registrations and Participants

Adelaida Marquenie (ESP)

Alejandro Climent Hernandez (ESP)

Augustijn ‘Stitch’ Speeleveld (BEL)

Denis Taradin (RUS)

Diego Barona Oliete (ESP)

Ellie Aldridge (GB)

Jemima Crathorne (GB)

Katie Dabson (GB)

Maddy Anderson (GB)

Maksymilian Zakowski (POL) 

Mario Calbucci (ITA)

Martin Dolenc (CRO)

Tarifa Foil Boards FKSS 2020 Tarifa /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS
Tarifa Foil Boards FKSS 2020 Tarifa /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS
Tarifa Foil Boards FKSS 2020 Tarifa /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS
Tarifa Foil Boards FKSS 2020 Tarifa /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS


Axel Mazella (FRA) (1,1,1,1,1, (2),2) 10 points.

Martin Dolenc (CRO) (39),2,3,3,5,3,3,4) 23 p.

Mario Calbuci (ITA) ((5),5,4,4,3,2,5,3) 26 p.


Julia Damasiewiscz (POL) ((31),15,14,16,15,15,22,17) 114 p.

Ellie Aldridge (GBR) (14,11,11,24,26,17,(DNF50),18) 121 p.

Gisela Pulido (ESP) (16,20,20,(DNC52),DNC52,23,20,19) 168 p.

Regy Dils (BEL) (3,1,1,1) 6 points.618743822

Diego Barona (ESP) (1,2,2,2) 7 p.

Jean Yves Raimond (FRA) (2,8,3,3) 16 p.

Paco Peiró (ESP) (4,3,6,7) 20 p.

Carlos Espí (ESP) (DNC14, 4,4,4) 26 p.

Final Classification of the Wingfoil class FKSS 2020 Foil Boards Tarifa

Basri Halim Bin Abdul (ESP) (3,2,1,(OCS9),2) 8 points

Alejandro Gutiérrez (ESP) (2,1,2,(OCS9),4), 9 p.

Rafael Gómez (ESP) ((7),5,5,1,1) 12 p.

Daniel Olivieri (ESP) ((5),3,4,5,3) 15 p.

José Miguel López (ESP) ((1,7,6,2,(OCS9)), 16 p.

Tarifa Foil Boards FKSS 2020 Tarifa /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS
Tarifa Foil Boards FKSS 2020 Tarifa /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS


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