Cutty Sark FKSS 2021 Begins; New Digital Kite Challenge Announced

The Cutty Sark Formula Kite Spain Series 2021 premieres in Mallorca. We introduce new group competition features to the KANARA platform in digital event.

The first test of the Cutty Sark FKSS 2021 circuit commences April 2nd in Mallorca. Hosted by the Club Nàutic de s’Arenal, the event will feature some of the world’s best kitefoil amateur and professional athletes.

Since beginning in 2018 with just 3 tests, the 2021 Formula Kite Spain Series circuit has grown to include six events in total. It is a testament to the growing popularity of kiteboarding as kitefoil continues its road to the 2024 Paris Olympics. Despite COVID, event organisers have had to be innovative and adapt to keep going and stay safe.

The Official App of FKSS 2021: KANARA

Sofya Kotlyar (RUS) FKSS 2020 Tarifa /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS
Sofya Kotlyar (RUS) FKSS 2020 Tarifa /@TONI FORQUÉS/FKSS

We are excited to be invited back to join FKSS 2021 after our initial debut last December in Tarifa. Thanks to the feedback of the riders, we have implemented several updates and improvements to improve the platform. This week, KANARA community members will get a glimpse of upcoming features we have in the pipeline over the next couple months.

The group challenge function enables riders to compete in a digital rankings based on their real world athletic performance. As opposed to the limited, private elimination style challenge we conducted at the Tarifa test, users and fans can watch the rankings of the participants in the KANARA challenge via the app over the duration of the event.

Calendar FKSS 2021
Cutty Sark FKSS 2021 Calendar of Events

As the first event, the digital challenge is a teaser of the development of the KANARA platform. We have a lot of work ahead and the support and feedback of the rider community has helped us a lot. Our aim is to build the ultimate platform for the board sports community. By using gamification and tech, we are exploring how to bring the community closer together and encourage fun.

Be sure to check out @cuttysarkfkss2021 and @kanarakitesurfing to keep up with all the action, events and updates. We wish all the kiters the best for what looks to be an exciting season.

Haven’t tried the KANARA Kitesurfing app? Download KANARA Kitesurfing for Android or iOS, sync your Garmin or Suunto and give it a swing. Once you’ve got some sessions in on your own or with a friend, give us your feedback on how we can improve the platform for you and other riders (English) (Spanish). Check out our Linktree to learn more.


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