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A Venue for the Watersports Community

With the KANARA Kitesurfing app, you can sync your smartwatch or fitness tracker and earn KANARA points that can be redeemed for exclusive rewards and discounts in the KANARA Marketplace.

We started the KANARA Project with three aims; to encourage healthy and fun competition amongst riders; to build a marketplace that supports trade and the reduction of waste in our industry, and, to support individuals and groups that are promoting sustainability in communities around the globe.

Earn While You Ride
With the KANARA Kitesurfing app, you can sync your smartwatch or fitness tracker, measure your progress and compete with other riders. Enjoy real-time distance challenge and speed challenge anywhere in the world. Even better, you will earn KANARA points through your sessions and challenges. You can later use them to participate to other challenges or to get exclusive rewards and discounts in the KANARA Marketplace.

We know this lifestyle isn’t cheap, which is why KANARA strives to collaborate with a wide range of providers to get you the best deals on kitesurf related products and services from all around the world. For playing with us, we want to reward our riders with exclusive prices and discounts. From kite boards and gear, to deals on hotels and tour agencies, we are constantly searching for exciting new businesses to team up with. This way we are able to add even more variety to the new digital storefront.

For the Community

This year has been a shock for everyone. Travel and sport, like most things, have been under pressure for its folks – time and money are precious.

This is why we are dedicated to supporting kite brands, shops, schools, instructors, craft persons and any other business owners to custom digitalize their storefront without having to invest their own resources. Our venue is a good opportunity for them to relieve struggle and confusion in front of the digital marketing necessities.

We created the KANARA Marketplace to promote better trade and help even the smallest of businesses to grow their online presence and expand their sales reach using our digital storefront. We also allow businesses to advertise their products or services, with no upfront costs, to their target audience, whilst ensuring to protect both buyers and sellers data and payments.

If you’d like to become a vendor in the KANARA Marketplace, complete the 1 minute form. Form currently available in English and Spanish.

A Venue for the Water Sports Industry I

Supporting What Is Ours

Our sport is intrinsically linked to our environment and the people that we live and travel with. KANARA users and partners will be supporting sustainable initiatives as we reserve a minimum of 3% of all profits solely for these purposes. So every time you buy and sell with KANARA, you are helping to preserve our ‘playground’.


The app has already been approved for release in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and we have a team of awesome kiteboarders that are currently helping us to stress our alpha!

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To join the beta-testing group as a team rider, access customized insights and additional discounts, subscribe AND send a message to hello@kanarakitesurfing.com


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